Friday, April 23, 2010

Little Miss Minty Python

I haven't yet blogged about charitable events or philanthropy. It's not that I don't have an interest in these things, but rather my circle of editor and writer and teacher friends are generally big-spirited in ways that don't necessarily involve $500 tickets to events of said nature.

Yet, when an old friend reaches out to me and says her friend's daughter has a rare type of brain cancer (anaplastic ependymoma), and that there will be a stylish benefit to support this sweet and gorgeous little Bee, I feel it's my duty to put forth the word about the impending "Minty Python Benefit."

Little Miss Minty happens to be the daughter of a crew member of Sex and the City, and so with the event will come many a New York star sighting and chance to win prizes like a date with Cynthia Nixon. The event is an auspicious way to celebrate May Day; it will be at the Galapagos Art Space in DUMBO on May 1 from 6-9 p.m. Bring yourself, bring a friend, bring your wallet, and certainly bring your camera. Mr. Big himself might be on hand to shake it or stir it, your choice. If you can't spring for the tix, there's a little "Donate" button on the website, and I know anything would be appreciated.

If you can't open your wallet, open your heart and take part in this visualization exercise:

1. Unzip Minty’s head, and take the lid off like taking the lid off a jar. 2. Drain out all the fluid. 3. With a golden rake, or golden feather duster, dust off Minty’s brain. 4. With a blue laser beam, imagine zapping the tumors and seeing them shrinking, until they get smaller and smaller and disappear. 5. Put crystal clear fluid back in Minty’s head. See it filling up over the top of her brain. See her brain lighting up like heat lightning in the clouds at nighttime. 6. Knowing that Minty is healing, dust off the inside of the lid with the golden feather duster. 7. Put the lid back in place, and zip Minty’s head back up.

Be well, sweet Minty! xoxo


  1. Aw, sweet little girl! I so wish I could come. I'll be there in spirit...all my best wishes for her recovery. No child, nor parent, should ever have to go through this. :(

  2. Thank you for this story, Rachel.