Wednesday, March 16, 2011


This past Friday night I attended a party for the book Girlbomb, written by Janice Erlbaum, to celebrate it's fifth anniversary in print. I blogged about the event for Publishing Perspectives, and you can read my full account over there. Let me say first here, though, that it was a lovely crowd of Girls and Boys alike, in a beloved haunt, the Bowery Poetry Club. Going with my dear old friend Silvia, who traipsed down from Albany in that way that she does, just added to the whole bliss of the thing. I'm so lucky to live around the corner from this lovebomb of a place. It's kind of like having my own personal Fountain of Youth three blocks away. Walk in, and I'm 16 again. Only it feels better this time around... here 'tis:

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  1. So happy we went together! It was a fountain of youth weekend - not that I'd give up these days for the world... Love you!