Saturday, September 24, 2011

"Welcome to My World" is in the World

Okay, so this Work From Home Mom thing is rewarding when I can actually get around to doing some work from home. In this new anthology, which just hit Amazon this week, thirteen bloggers (myself included) wrestle with their various life situations, whether chosen or hoisted upon them. What makes our different situations work, and what makes them fall apart? Somehow the landscapes of our busy lives are navigated. While it's not exactly rocket science, it is a delicate balancing act that can become unhinged faster than you can say, in my case anyway, "where's his other shoe?" or "trading deadlines for doctor's appointments" or "second shift after bedtime."

My essay is called "Robot Moms in the Closet", which is a reference to a Science Fiction world I imagined in which I could pull various selves out of storage to accomplish various tasks. The fantastical efficiency of it was appealing to me until I realized that giving up my chaos would mean giving up the subtle rewards of the seemingly mundane tasks at hand. You only get to fold Onesies out of the drier for like five seconds before it's gone forever.

I'm going to take a close read at the essays of my peers and report back on a favorite. In the meantime, you can pick up the Kindle version here on Amazon, and soon on the Nook. This is my first experience of having something published in eBook form, and while it's strange not to have an actual book in hand, the easy dispersement of it is appealing.

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