Thursday, December 20, 2012

Guest Post by Jamie

I just reread this poem that J. wrote a month or so ago. It makes me terribly happy, for a multitude of reasons, and so I share my first guest post. I'm sure the next will be about Star Wars, but for now...

by Jamie Burton

Oh, Chess, chess 
Oh chess is the best.
But here comes the Pawn, 
who mows the King's lawn
and could go two the first time out.
But when it reaches the end of the board,
Boo! You will be chased about.
But here comes the Knight, he's up for the fight!
And here come the Bishops who will make you do pushups!
And will put a saddle on your Knight for the fight!
And now comes the Rook,
his tip as sharp as a hook.
And oh my, the rook LOVES to cook.
Now comes the Queen, 
who is not just a soft shelled bean.
She is more terrible than a monster with a vampire bat,
for she can run this way and that.
She can go a million spaces, 
and she'll tread on your faces.
And she will never slip because she has no shoelaces.
And here comes the King,
The Rook goes to A-8, 
and oh my, too late,

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  1. Third generation writer. I love this poem!!!